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Template Features

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After unzip the download pack, you'll found a Template Folder with all the files.

You can view this Template in any browser, you can display or edit the Template without an internet connection.

Now open your FTP Client (like Filezilla) or directly through cpanel, upload the content of the Template on your server root.

Once the files are done uploading go to

HTML Structure

This template has responsive layout and is based on Bootstrap Framework. For more information please visit Bootstrap. The default Bootstrap grid system utilizes 12 columns making 1170px wide container without responsive features enabled. With responsive CSS file added the grid adapts to 724px and 1170px wide container depending on your viewport. The columns become fluid and stack vertically when viewports are below 767px viewports..

Basic Grid HTML

In the example provided below you can find 3 columns of .col-lg-4 which are combined in the container. This container may include maximum 12 columns in one row.


These are the css files that are loaded into templates in Head Section.


These are the JS files that are loaded into template in end of the Body Section.


Please follow the first steps of this tutorial, to have a better knowledge how to use the theme, without any problem


Change the Logo


We have used the following plugins, fonts & images. All fonts, images, icons used in this template are free for commercial use.

jQuery Plugins
  • Animate css
  • Magnific Popup
  • wow js

Images Images in live preview are not included in the template.

Once again,thank you so much for having chosen Anony! We hope you will enjoy using it for your next project.